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  • Recruitment
  • Interviews
  • Personality Profiling
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Personal Development


Title Summary Download
Competency based Interviews Background to this type of interview with examples of questions for the recruiting manager GJKB002
Competency Based Interview Questions A useful summary of questions for when conducting behavioural-based interviews GJKB008

Questions to Ask your candidate at Interview

Has the candidate in front of you the skills, experience and ability to fit into your team; a guide to effective interviewing


Recruiting in Tough Economic Times

A discussion document reviewing factors effecting recruitment, which is even more critical in challenging economic times GJKB024


General Interview Tips General Tips and pointers for interview preparation. Candidate advice to aid preparation and help plan for that important interview GJKB001
Tough Questions Slick Answers

A guide to the different types and use of questions at interview and how to make the best out of them

Interview Questions

More suggestions for questions that may come up at interview and how to prepare for them

Interview Techniques More on interview techniques; know your type of interviewer, how to make an impression and how to follow through GJKB005

Interview personal preparation

Useful candidate advice regarding the personal preparation for interview GJKB009

Personality Profiling

Myers Briggs Type Indicator The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) is reported to be more widely used as a describer of behavioural preferences than any other psychometric tool. It is also probably the most widely researched and best validated. 5 million people worldwide are said to undertake it every year. This document gives a complete overview to the technique and how to use it GJKB004

FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation - Behaviour) A powerful tool developed by Dr Willi Schutz widely used not just in team building in the work-place and management development, but also in individual and family counselling at home

16PF The 16PF Questionnaire is used by organizations and human resource professionals to assess the 16 personality factors GJKB012
Belbin Team Roles  Background to Meredith Belbin “Team Roles” and their descriptions GJKB021


Local Territory Sales Planning

How and why to make a sales plan for your sales territory: Your plan for success

Selling in Tough Economic Times An overview of how to maximise your selling effectiveness, which is even more critical in challenging economic times GJKB023
Test Your Sales Strategy 19 questions to ask yourself in order to test a sales strategy GJKB027

Events Making the Most of Your Events and Exhibitions GJKB022

Personal Development

Goal setting A comprehensive guide to Goal setting: tips and answers to frequently asked questions related to getting the best results possible from your goal-setting GJKB016
Guidelines for Self Development Advice for continuous self development and crucially how to give and receive feedback GJKB015
Leadership Competencies An overview of the Leadership Competencies with a summary of their impact at different levels GJKB014
Golden rules of Networking    10 top tips for making the most out of networking opportunities GJKB013
Finding a Personal Management Style An aide to finding and refining your own personal management style GJKB018
Failing to Achieve Objectives The Four reasons individuals or teams fail to deliver against objectives GJKB017
Learning styles An overview of learning styles and their importance GJKB019
CV Tips The importance of a professional CV and how to achieve it GJKB020
Job Hunting in Tough Economic Times A discussion document reviewing factors effecting job hunting, which is even more challenging in difficult economic times GJKB025
Time Management A well known story that is possibly the shortest and most effective lesson ever in time management GJKB026

Creating The Conditions for Maximising Motivation

Motivation is an inner manager can motivate anyone to do anything; only create the conditions so that people are motivated to help themselves! Some ideas on creating such conditions

Managing Email, Voicemail & Social Media

Tips on how to make email, voicemail and social media work for us as opposed to becoming a slave to it