Focused on the global Life Sciences industry sector; biopharma, diagnostics (clinical and industrial), medical devices, tools, analytical technologies

Services include advisory/facilitation in the areas of:

Corporate and Strategic advice

  • Formulation/review of corporate strategy
  • Resultant planning, budgeting and implementation
  • ID of resulting financing and partnering requirements


  • Private equity funding process facilitation
  • Experienced investors – extensive network in European and US Venture Capital
  • Series A through C

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Advice and facilitation of M&A process for strategic buyers and sellers including corporate, management, venture capital and private equity firms
  • Cross border transactions
  • Extensive network of counterparty decision makers


  • Asset sales
  • Business unit sales
  • Subsidiary divestitures

Corporate Partnering

  • In licensing and out-licensing
  • Distribution and other marketing arrangements
  • Product sourcing; OEM/ODM

International roll-outs

  • Commercialization outside of the home market
  • Direct and indirect marketing networks
  • Logistics and infrastructure