Meredith Belbin in his work at Henley Management college identified 9 clusters of behaviour – each of which is called a team role. Each team role has a corresponding combination of strengths and allowable weaknesses. Evaluation of individuals or groups with Belbin® assists with:


Candidates to be cost effectively pre screened in order to evaluate areas of fit and potential mismatch with your vacancy. This allows the interviewer to prepare in advance questions specifically designed to investigate fully potential areas where the candidate my not meet the job requirements thereby helping avoid costly hiring mistakes.

In addition to profiling candidates Job Evaluation allows the profiling of a vacancy by those to whom the position reports, those already in a similar role or others with an intimate knowledge of what the job entails. This can provide the added benefit in highlighting areas where the view of what is required is not consistent and hence these can be resolved prior to embarking on the costly process of interviewing candidates for a role which is not clearly defined by those who are making the hiring decision.  

Once the vacancy is defined the profile of each candidate and hence their suitability can then be clearly evaluated and reported.  

Team Training/Building

By understanding each others profiles, corresponding strengths and allowable weaknesses Belbin® profiles of a team enable each individual to understand better how they can best contribute, how they interact with colleagues and the value of each of their colleagues. It provides a common language for facilitating better understanding in a team by highlighting the strongest teams consist of people with complimentary skills and deferent weakness. By providing a framework to discuss this it can assist team building by helping each individual value the contribution made by others and accepting that differences in style and approach are beneficial to the overall team.  

Individual Performance coaching

When working with a key individual to develop their maximum value for a company the first place to start is to agree “where the individual is now” what are their strengths, corresponding allowable weakness and how can they use this knowledge to develop their own most effective behaviours. In addition to individual assessment, observer assessments from colleague can help validate, or challenge, a persons own self perception of their profile. 

The use of Belbin® is a valuable tool not just in Recruitment and Training but also as an aid for Retention Strategies, Career Development, Succession Management and providing Careers Advice.  

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